Most recently updated output of this project.

Step 1 - Scraping Craigslist

Use Python Requests and BeautifulSoup, never use TOR (they block all the traffic), use mobile data to avoid being banned by IP

Step 2 - Geocoding neighborhoods

I used google geocoding, had to manually clean up IN EXCEL afterwards. –°an probably automate the process but some cities had very few data points in the first place, couldn't risk losing a few. Some people put ridiculous things in "location" field ranging from "my place" to telephone numbers. Having an error handler catching geocode errors is important here.

Step 3 - Parsing and Mapping

There is a wonderful csv-parser called Papa Parser that lets one do loads of fun things like parsing large files and so on. Everything code-wise should be created under its "complete" state. This solved the problem of potential data limits on Carto. I was also using Leaflet to map the parsed data. More detailed tutorials to come later.