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"One Good Slap Deserves Another."

Monty Python

"When you send something to someone and you KNOW you sent it … but they say they never got it? That is why I love Dataslap. I just slap that confirmation email to them as proof and it's DONE! There is no argument."

If you need positive confirmation of your digital deliveries, you need DataSlap.  The innovative, reliable way to ship with positive delivery notification.

Anything you can create digitally, we can deliver - with confirmation.

DataSlap is faster and smarter than any other digital delivery system.  Faster, because we've streamlined the delivery process.  And smarter because we provide powerful online delivery management tools; outstanding personal service; and unique post-delivery reports using both e-mail and online notification.

DataSlap is backed by over 30 years of production and delivery experience.  It's easy to use.  To deliver your data anywhere in the world - with confirmation - you can start using the DataSlap network today. Just click on the "get started" button to set up your account.

Who Uses DataSlap?

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Corporate Communications
  • Radio & TV stations
  • Broadcast, Cable, and Satellite networks

Why Use DataSlap?

  • Radio and TV commercial delivery
  • Ad copy and photo delivery
  • Document delivery
  • Software delivery

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